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Production Precautions for Ring Forgings


Ring forgings are widely used in the industry. The following editor will briefly introduce to you. Ring forgings are processed into rings in the process of metal forging. In reality, many parts are used in rings. To directly machine the metal into a ring. Ring forgings are directly processed into parts, and also used as metal blanks for secondary processing. For example, wind rings, pressure vessels, gear blanks, bearing outer rings, and pressure pipe joints in the wind power industry are all ring castings, so ring castings are widely used in the industry. application.

In the production process of ring forgings, it is forbidden to directly clean the oxide scale on the anvil surface. When cleaning the scale with the ring mill, do not stand on the opposite side. Do not place any part of your body under the hammer to pick up and place workpieces or tools until the hammer is stationary. When replacing the mold, die, or when the hammer and forging stick to the forging die, the power source should be cut off, and the work can only be carried out after adding support. It is forbidden to forge the billet that is overheated and lower than the final forging temperature, so as to avoid forging cracking and flying out and hurting people. Do not place hot forgings or tools on the channel. Ring forgings should be placed in designated locations and should not be stacked too high. Before starting work, forging workers must wear prescribed labor protection equipment. Before forging of rings, check whether the relevant mechanical and electrical equipment, dies, tools, auxiliary facilities and hydraulic pipelines are safe and reliable, and lubricate the equipment, otherwise it should not be used. Preheat the hammer, hammer, dies and tools before working. It is not possible to throw materials at a long distance, and a protective baffle should be added for throwing materials at a short distance. Ring forging blanks shall not be thrown from the sidewalk. Large ring forgings are clamped in a tong and transported by crane. Hand forging is to forge tools by hand, rely on manpower, and carry out on the anvil, which is labor-intensive.

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