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Flange manufacturers introduce post-forging cooling and heat treatment processes for large forgings


The post-forging heat treatment of large forgings, also known as blank heat treatment, is usually combined with post-forging cooling, collectively referred to as post-forging heat treatment.

1. The purpose of post-forging heat treatment for large forgings

Due to the large section size and complex production process of large forgings, the following characteristics should be considered in heat treatment: the structure and properties of forgings are uneven, the grain size of forgings is uneven, the residual stress of forgings is large, and some forgings are prone to white spot defects. Therefore, the purpose of heat treatment of large forgings is:

1) Change the internal structure of the forging, improve the uniformity of its chemical composition, and refine the grains.

2) Reduce stress and hardness, avoid machining deformation, and facilitate cutting.

3) Prevent white spots from appearing in forgings.

4) For forgings that are no longer subjected to heat treatment, the required mechanical properties shall be ensured.

2. The basic principle of heat treatment process for large forgings:

1) Use one or two high temperature normalizing and two or three low temperature supercooling, and keep it at the supercooling temperature for a sufficient time, so that the core structure can be fully transformed to achieve the purpose of grain refinement.

2) Long-term heat preservation at 620-650 °C to diffuse hydrogen and reduce structural stress. If the mass fraction of hydrogen in the steel is low, the dehydrogenation time should be cancelled and the heat preservation working time should be shortened.

The above is the introduction of the cooling and heat treatment process of large forgings by flange manufacturers. I hope you can help you after reading.

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